Villa of the Mysteries Perfume



About Villa of the Mysteries Perfume

Years ago, my grandmother owned a small perfume and apothecary shop in her Italian village. There, she made natural perfumes and apothecary items from ingredients that have been used by people in the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years — smoky resins, moroccan rose, lemons from Capri. She wrote all of her “recipes” in her ricetti di libro, which she handed down to me. We try to stay true to these influences in every perfume we make, composing scents that are unique yet evocative of that “Mediterranean” style, and by recreating my grandmother's most beloved fragrances with a modern touch. 

Villa of the Mysteries is an independent perfumery based in Brooklyn, turning out handmade/locally produced fragrances since 2015.  We use organic or natural (if no organic alternative is available) ingredients, and source as much as we can from local vendors.