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Who We Are

Our Story

My grandmother Angelina, who was the inspiration for Villa of the Mysteries Perfume, owned an apothecary and perfumery many years ago in her village near Naples, Italy. There, she created beautiful, unique, natural fragrances and remedies for friends and family from the plants and herbs that grew in the countryside around her village. She kept her perfume and apothecary “recipes” in a special notebook, and upon her passing many years later it was handed down to me.

At Villa of the Mysteries Perfume, all of our fragrances are based on my grandmother's timeless "recipes" and, along with our commitment to producing all-natural, high-quality hand-made fragrances, this family heritage has allowed us to create a unique and very personal line of Mediterranean-influenced fragrances.

With Villa of the Mysteries, I have endeavored to reinterpret Angelina's “recipes” with a modern touch while still preserving her old-world aesthetic, so that I may honor her original creations.

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Our Products

Our products are created with natural ingredients such as essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts, and are developed, hand-crafted, and hand-poured in our studio using the same palette of ingredients that have been sourced by Mediterranean perfumers for thousands of years.

Our line currently consists our alcohol-based fragrances, solid fragrances embedded in beeswax and other oils, shea butter lotions, liquid soaps, a men’s aftershave balm and a men's hand + body wash.

Our current palette of fragrances are:

  • NEW FOR FALL 2018! Arcana Imperii - This dark, earthy fragrance exudes a smoky, mossy aura and features clary sage, elemi, oakmoss, and birch tar. 
  • Veni Vidi Vici -  Lavender, blue cypress, and fir balsam  give this fragrance a clean, spa-like feel.
  • Domus Aurea - A slightly spicy floriental comprised of rose, cinnamon bark, and pink peppercorn notes.
  • Fortes Fortuna Iuvat - Boozy, powdery, warm floral featuring vanilla madagascar, juniper berry, and white orchid.
  • Carthago Delenda Est - Fig, rose, and calamus root give Cathago Delenda Est a dry, green vibe with mystical overtones. 
  • Delfina - A bright citrusy fragrance with notes of grapefruit and bergamot grounded in atlas cedar.

What's Next

  • We launched Arcana Imperii (Secrets of the Empire) - our newest fragrance - at Indie Beauty Expo 2018. Arcana Imperii is earthy, complex, and sylvan and contains notes of clary sage, elemi, oakmoss, and birch tar.
  • We'll be releasing a new fragrance, Aqua Virgo in Spring 2019. Details to come soon!
  • We're developing an oil-based all-over body spray fragrance, enriched with natural oils and crafted with the highest quality perfume-grade essential oils. Great for all skin types, our formula absolutely loves super-dry skin! The product is in the final stages of formulation and testing to ensure the oil base provides a smooth, non-sticky, beautifully-scented experience.
  • Finally, late in 2018, we're introducing a custom perfumery service that will offer bespoke fragrances to perfume lovers. Clients will have their own personal fragrance crafted in our Brooklyn NY studio.
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Villa of the Mysteries Perfume
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